Mama Minta Pulsa

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Year: Duration: 75 MinView:

A number of candidates for security guards who were training at a camp, got an SMS that smelled of Mama’s deception asking for credit. At first, Iko (Rizky Mocil), Tino (Kikky Rizky), Tessa (Shinta Bachir), and Jelly (Kartika Putri) who attended the training, did not care about the existence of SMS that was known to everyone as a guise of fraud. However, when two assistant camp coaches, Umar (Daus Sparo) and Said (Opie Kumiz) met with Satan in the form of Mak Lampir (Farida Pasha) who was busy collecting credit, terror in the camp ensued. However, no one believes in this, including Commander Carolina (Nikita Mirzani) who is always assertive and does not believe in superstitious things like this.

Tagline:two assistant coach camp met with a tangible demon of Mak Lampir.
Language:Bahasa indonesia

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